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    Tools for Collaboration—In the Cloud
    The GroupMind product suite enables groups to collaborate in a way that generates
    better decision-making, planning, and coordinated action
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    Harness the collective intelligence of your team
    Make sure the loudest voice in the room isn't the only voice in the room
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    Release your group's best ideas with
    GroupMind Collaboration Tools
    Collaboration Tools
    360 Assessments
    Case-Based Learning

Paper flipcharts. Post-it notes. Sticky dots.

These are the analog tools of an outdated meeting methodology. For the data to be useful, someone has to transcribe that room of paper, decipher handwriting, remember where post-it notes were moved TO and FROM…

What if you could keep that great engagement AND end the meeting with data you can immediately use? GroupMind collective intelligence tools digitize the paper-based process steps. Pricing starts at $49 per month. Get a 30-day free trial today!



Popular Collaboration Tools

360 Assessments

360 Assessments for Leadership and Culture

Q: How do you know that the people in your organization are building the kind of culture that you want?

A: You ask.

Leverage existing GroupMind question sets for either Leadership Development or Culture Assessment–or develop your own. Combine the professional styling of GroupMind 360 with your own branding for a customized look-and-feel. Augment your assessment with video messages from your Leadership or Cultural Ambassadors. Create a meaningful report that reflects your values–not just your branding.


Case-Based Learning

Absorb. Reflect. React. Explore.

Our case-based learning environment facilitates social learning. Participants see information in a new way and engage with in-person and virtual colleagues to gain greater understanding of the content presented.

Quick and simple configuration enables you to create short, just-in-time courses that are easy to update and keep relevant.


Case-Based Learning


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